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Cleaning Consulting for Facility Managers & Corporate Cleaning Services

While people don’t always notice when your building is clean, sanitary and safe—they will certainly notice when it is not! The Surge Group’s goal is to make your janitorial operations go “unnoticed” by eliminating unsanitary conditions; creating an immaculate and safe environment for building owners, tenants and clients; bringing your janitorial operations up to industry standards; attaining and sustaining superior service at lower costs; and offering the latest products and technology through our network of the industry’s most progressive firms.

Our professionally trained and experienced team of experts has worked with leading educational institutions, property management, health care facilities, major retail chains, subway transit, industrial and more. Serving as a third party enables us to act on your behalf to insure that you are receiving the highest quality of janitorial services with a custom approach that minimizes your resulting overhead and maximizes your valuable time.

Our Services

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We provide a wide range of services to ensure quality and value from your cleaning dollars, and our level of participation is tailored to your specific needs. Perhaps you have cleaning contractor you like, but need professional help elevating their level of performance to industry standards. New building managers may need someone to oversee the RFP process, then implement periodic inspections. Whatever your current needs, The Surge Group is the qualified team of cleaning consultants to get the job done and maintain your confidence.

Roll Out of RFP

Request for Proposal (RFP) is a detailed process requiring industry expertise and insider knowledge to effectively develop and negotiate acceptable terms that conform to your needs and high standards. We will manage this time consuming project throughout every step so that you can feel confident that your janitorial service is providing you with a maintenance plan that is best suited to your building.

The process includes:

  • working in conjunction with the client’s senior management team to roll out a detailed RFP, providing accurate information in order to receive fair market pricing.
  • Detailed 3rd party analysis and recommendations are provided to ensure that the right contractor is hired to implement cleaning outlined in the Scope of Work.

Cleaning Assessment

By changing the way cleaners approach their tasks there are often ways to reduce your cleaning budget substantially. Our professionals will analyze current practices to determine where significant changes can and should be made to improve procedures and reduce labour costs.

Implementation of a Quality Assurance Program

The Surge Group will source or develop a Quality Assurance Program to ensure that the service you receive follows industry standards, measures up to your expectations and maintains the integrity of your employees. We will provide training, tools and techniques to maximize performance, optimize job duration, and sustain superior cleaning practices.

Software Solutions

In today’s cleaning environment, it is becoming imperative that you have the most up to date technology to ensure that you are monitoring and controlling your cleaning organization.  The Surge Group will evaluate where you may be able to increase efficiencies through the effective use of technology.  The Surge Group has teamed up with the world’s leading edge partners and can provide a solution that is right for you.

3rd Party Cleaning Inspections

In order to maintain consistency, while adapting to evolving needs, we offer regular or periodic cleaning inspections. We will benchmark current cleaning practices to determine a standard by which to measure effectiveness. Our inspections are thorough and when complete, you will receive a report of our findings that will indicate recommendations for improvement in the performance of your janitorial/housekeeping/custodial service and we will help you instigate positive results. Inspections are a great way to ensure that your service provider or in-house janitorial staff continually strives for perfection.

Financial Analysis

Review of budgets and provide recommendations in regards to outsourcing vs. in house cleaning, review of products and equipment, and overall labour.

Green Cleaning

Environmentally conscious facility managers rely on The Surge Group to assist in the conversion of their current cleaning practices to sustainable systems. We’ll examine your products, equipment and procedures to ensure that “Green Cleaning” is part of your program.

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