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Informed CMS

Informed Management Cleaning Software is the premier database-type labour estimation and analysis tool on the market today.

Informed - Workloading Software

Cleaning Software for Optimizing Custodial, Janitorial, and Environmental Service Operations

Informed Management Cleaning Software is the premier database-type labour estimation and analysis tool on the market today. Derived from our years of experience with professional-grade workloading software, it allows one to automatically build a facility model in about the time it takes to read this paragraph. Make intelligent decisions based on rigorous math rather than guesswork – yet it’s easy to learn and use.

Environmental and custodial service departments are under continual stress to maintain and improve the cleanliness and sanitary level of their facilities. The focus of our powerful janitorial software system is cost reduction, while improving the quality of your facility. Informed’s cleaning software is easily customized to meet your unique requirements.

We understand that about 90% of your total cleaning cost is labour, and our software offers many tools to analyze and optimize your organization. These tools include easy-to-use, single screen “calculators” that show the ROI for equipment investment, as well as tools to allow you to instantly see the effect of changes in cleaning tasks and changes in task frequency. If you do have questions about supply and cleaning chemical usage, our software can help find the answers to that too.

Health Care Special Edition Available that tracks Employee Training, Health Specific Tasks, Improves Patient Satisfacition, Minimizes HAI’s and Reduces Employee Turnover.

Space Management

You can’t do a whole lot with our software, or any software of this type for that matter, without a detailed space inventory which is a list of sites, buildings, floors, and rooms. The rooms must be further defined by at least three characteristics: Size, Use, and Flooring Material..


We offer a supply library populated with a complete, typical distributor product line and users can add their own products. Chemical products can have coverage factors set (dilution ratio, area (or item) coverage and then be associated with tasks. Since the software knows the size of the rooms and cleaning frequency, chemical usage estimates can be performed.

Labour Estimates

Once the two building blocks above are put together and set up, one can get time, labor and cost estimates and we provide many report options.


Users can perform inspections via PDA or paper forms and store this quality measurement data in the software. We capture the date and time of the inspection as well as the work assignments (up to three routine work assignments may be associated with a room) and the personnel attached to the work assignments at the time of the inspections.

Area Types and Tasks

We take the use of the room and the flooring material to come up with a list of tasks performed in the room related to both cleaning and non-cleaning tasks. Each list of tasks is called an “area type”. Tasks can be area based in terms of time, such as floor tasks so that the units are time per square foot, or item-based, such as cleaning a toilet and the units are time per item. Tasks can have frequencies on up to three routine work “shifts” or be set as project work with, typically, longer interval frequencies.

Employment Management

A complete set of tools are included to maintain personnel records, training records and the like.


Our equipment library offers similar functionality to the supply library except that it can be used to analyze expected cleaning time using different machines.

Work Assignments

A work assignment is a collection of rooms to be cleaned and we offer a very simple and quick way to create and modify work assignments, for both routine and project work. Recently, we added a function to add any additional work needed to an assignment for non-cleaning or any other type of task.

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