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Time Tracking

Pancomp is a Mobile Time & Attendance management solution to improve the quality and operational efficiency for service companies using a mobile workforce.

How It works

The Surge Group in partnership with Pancomp brings you the state of the art technology in order to better manage your cleaning operations.

Pancomp Clean is a Modern and unique solution for managing cleaning services

The system helps your customers to get up to date information about the progress of work, schedule and billing basis, increasing your reputation as a reliable partner and improving your chances of gaining new customers. You can easily monitor the progress of the cleaning process in field work in real time.

Software Features

Pancomp Clean offers solutions for:

Pancomp Clean offers solutions for:

  • Office Cleaning
  • Construction Site Cleaning
  • Hotel Cleaning
  • School Cleaning
  • Shopping Mall Cleaning
  • Industry Site Cleaning
  • Hospital Cleaning
  • Staircase Cleaning
  • Train, Aircraft and Passenger Ship Cleaning

New world for cleaning business management

Traditional reporting systems provide customer and service level information several weeks after a certain event has taken place. This often leads to overspending being noticed too late. Pancomp helps monitor the profitability of targets on a daily level by comparing the premise’s budget and realization. If necessary, it is possible to deal with the situation immediately.

Pancomp gives a boost to your whole organization, giving you the chance to further increase the trust towards your company within the sector. Moreover, the profitability of both your and your customer’s company increases.

Supervisor’s key to operational efficiency

The supervisor does not have to visit targets to check that everything is going according to plan because they can see the situation on their own computer. With Pancomp they can ensure that the premises budget is sufficient even on a daily level, making it easy to deal with deviations immediately. This makes sure that the supervisor and their team are always one step ahead and situations where deviations occur can be dealt with before the customer claims for compensation.

An easy way of reporting from the field

Not having to worry about paperwork, the cleaner can concentrate on serving the customer. Work reporting can be done easily with a single push of the button. This saves time and helps the cleaner concentrate on utilising their own know-how.

Make the right decision today and ensure your place in tomorrow’s competition.

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